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Regular price for weekend tours is $175 (plus 11.5% Sales Tax) per guest. Price includes breakfast, all safety gear, a bunch of pictures/videos, after-tour snacks and at least 3 fully trained guides.

Discounts are available for groups of 5 guests or more. Weekday tours are generally considered “private” and are a bit pricier for that very same reason. Pricing for private tours varies depending on the amount of guests and the timing of reservation. Feel free to ask.

Full payment is required to make the reservation. We encourage you to reserve at least 2 weeks in advance.


Transportation from any address is the San Juan Metropolitan area, Rio Grande and Fajardo is available starting at $10 per person depending on the number of participants. If you opt for providing your own transportation we’ll provide driving directions to our meeting point, from where you will follow us to our Basecamp in the south side of El Yunque Rainforest.

Driving time from San Juan is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.


We will provide you with a helmet, rappelling harness, knee pads, life jacket and gloves. Canyoneering shoes are also available for rent. SEE CLOTHING RECOMMENDATIONS SLIDE.


Clothing: You’ll be wet all day!! Wear fabrics that do not absorb much water; jeans and sweat pants are a BAD IDEA. Long pants are better than shorts. Wearing a bathing suit under your pants is a good idea, ripped pants are very common. Long sleeved rash guards are the best and synthetic material shirts are fine. Please, no sleeveless shirts, no hot pants.

Footwear - We recommend GOOD canyoneering shoes. However, some guests wear old sneakers or jungle/hiking boots. Sandals, flip flops, CROCS, or anything that leaves your feet uncovered will not cut it. Please wear thick calf high socks. Ankle high socks will not protect against friction abrasions. We’ll be walking wet for hours and your feet will suffer if you don’t.

All of our guides wear 5.10 shoes, which provide the best possible traction for river trekking. It’s the best available option in the market for river trekking (http://fiveten.com/products/footwear-detail/69-canyoneer). We have 5.10 shoes available for rental at $15 a pair and we suggest you inquire about them. Sizes are limited, so please ask ahead of time if interested


Handheld cameras are not recommended unless they have a retractable tether, you will most likely lose or damage them. However, if you bring with you a GoPro (or similar) camera and its corresponding helmet mount, we’ll be happy to mount it on the helmet you’ll be using.

We carry (2) cameras on every tour and take hundreds of pictures and videos, these will be provided to you at no extra charge.


You need to have the right frame of mind!!! You will slip and fall. You might get bumped and bruised. You will most likely be sore afterwards. This is not a walk in the park, and it is not for everyone. This is the real thing!!
A full waiver of liability will be provided for execution.
Physical Condition - Participants must be physically active, have endurance, good balance and coordination, know how to swim and be able to keep a brisk pace.
Be Sharp - Sleep well the night before. Not doing so could create a safety hazard and you might not be allowed to participate (no refunds). Have a good breakfast at home or take advantage of our free breakfast (scrambled eggs with vegetables/ham and toasts) when we you arrive at base camp. Be on time.

Medical Conditions -You cannot participate if you are extremely overweight (maximum waist 40”), aquaphobic, has a cardiac condition or respiratory ailment, are subject to epileptic seizures, have a weakness or medical problems with your legs, are pregnant, are hearing impaired or require hearing aids, are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Please bring snacks for the adventure (sandwiches - fruits - cookies or energy bars) and water or equivalent liquids in plastic containers. We will transport your snacks during the adventure.
Bring a complete change of clothes, including shoes, and towel.
Everything you carry with will get soaked, so we strongly suggest you leave your cell phone, car keys, dry change of clothes, etc., at base camp, where it will be safe.


 Minimum age to participate is 14 years old and a parent or designated adult needs tag along.  Under special circumstances, we may accept children between the ages of 10 and 13 as long as they have some kind of outdoors experience and a parent is tagging along.   

 Any guest under legal age (21 years old) needs to have his/her waiver signed by his/her parent. If the minor will be accompanied by a designated adult other than his/her parent, the parent must sign and notarize a Guardian Authorization Form prior to the event.


As a general rule, no refunds or credits will be issued for cancellations made once the reservation has been processed, nor for no-shows the day of the adventure.
No partial refunds or credits will be issued if the participant is unable to complete the adventure or if the guides refuse your participation for any safety reasons (see requirements).
Kalichi Adventures reserves the right to cancel an activity if the minimum amount of participants is not completed 12 hours before the adventure (N/A on private tours), or for weather reasons. In these cases, you will receive a full credit or refund.
No credit or refund shall be issued for trip modifications due to weather reasons. These modifications shall generally consist of slight adjustments to the route that may imply skipping some in-water activities when river discharge (measured in cubic feet per second) exceeds our safety standards. Full route is usually covered.


At present time we are not covered by any risk insurance policy.  The type of adventures we do are not generally covered by insurance agencies and the premiums set forth by the few specialized agencies that do would force us to spike tour prices up considerably.  Moreover, carrying any such policy would impose heavy restrictions on the way the tour is conducted, taking away from the natural flow of our operation.  In other words, we would pretty much have to wrap you around in bubble wrap before heading out to the river.