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"We did so many things that I can not pick my favorite. It is everything you could hope for. This excursion is built for people wanting to truly experience the outdoors and all it has to offer." - Tripadvisor Reviewer

" This was the most non-touristic, unique, down to earth tour I've ever been on . . . Everything about this excursion was better than what I had imagined!!" - Tripadvisor Reviewer

"A magical day in one of the most beautiful and pristine areas I have experienced. Heart pumping adventure and incredible serenity rarely go hand in hand - but this trip is both." - Tripadvisor Reviewer

"These guys are a great team. They will show you the rainforest and help you have fun while being safe. It was a great day jumping off cliffs into waterfalls, what more could you ask for." - Tripadvisor Reviewer


"They make you feel at home even in the middle of the forest and most importantly you feel safe with them . . .  it's more than just customer service, you become a part of the family." - Tripadvisor Reviewer

"Two words . . . conqueror and fearless. These are two words that I gained from taking on this incredible experience.  The tour guides were fabulous, funny, and kind. " - Tripadvisor Reviewer

"Truly a must for those that enjoy an outdoor adventure . . . The guides were wonderful, with their wide knowledge of the forest, geology and history of the location they kept us well informed." - Tripadvisor Reviewer






Full Day Rain Forest Adventure Tour

Experience El Yunque Rainforest as it’s supposed to be, away from the crowds. Generally inaccessible to visitors and other tour operators, our side of the rainforest provides an up close and personal encounter with one of the most astonishing, wildest and least visited sites in Puerto Rico.  Our full day rain forest adventure will take you where just a few have dared to go.

Our fully trained river guides lead groups composed of between 5 and 14 guests through an exciting day of adventure. Although our tour has been called “extreme” more than a few times, all the activities included in the same are optional.

Our day of adventure starts with an early wake up (Pickup time at around 5:30 AM; meeting time varies depending on location) From there we head to our basecamp located on the south side of El Yunque Rainforest, where you will enjoy a nice hearty breakfast (no additional cost). Arrival at Kalichi Basecamp is around 7:15 AM.

Please refer to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS section below for additional info on what to bring with you.

After a detailed briefing, you will be handed an USCG Approved Class III lifejacket, a helmet, knee pads, gloves and shoes (if renting). Once ready, our excursion will commence with a 30 minute hike through the El Yunque Rainforest, This is not your average hike! Our private trails ARE NOT like the trails you'll find on the North Side of El Yunque Rain Forest. BE PREPARED TO SLIP, FALL, SLIDE AND GET DIRTY!

Once we reach the river, you will trek down river, wade through rushing waters, slide down natural chutes, jump into crystal clear ponds, rappel down canyon walls and take in the beauty of a great number of waterfalls. ALL OUR WATER ACTIVITIES ARE OPTIONAL. Water activities are normally completed by 2:00 PM.

Once we are back at the Kalichi Basecamp, you'll get the chance to kick back and relax, enjoy local appetizers and drinks while you reflect on an amazing day!